Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fundraiser for our rescued cow Regina and Animal Acres- Suppport our Vegan bake Sale we we raise funds for our Animals who were effected by the FIRES

Animal Acres, the farm sanctuary in Acton, CA where Regina is at, needs our help!!! Because of the fires, all of the animals were evacutated to an evacuation site. All of the animals are safe thank goodness, but do need our help. Please read this letter from Lori, the founder of Animal Acres, and JOIN US for our VEGAN BAKE SALE FUNDRAISER at the Claremont Green Market (outside Packinghouse) as we raise money for Regina, and all her friends at Animal Acres. WE WILL BE SELLING VEGAN CHOCOLATE BROWNIES, and PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES, Vegan STYLE made by our talented VEGAN CHEF Jennifer Flynn! thanks Jennifer :)

Thank you for your Compassion !
Vanessa :)

Letter from Lori:

Dear Animal Acres Members,

Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts. Your calls and emails of support and concern are helping us more than I can say during this difficult time.

I wanted to let you know that we are all safe, and all of the animals at Animal Acres have been relocated thanks to dozens of dedicated volunteers who came at all hours, and worked tirelessly to make our evacuation possible. While some people remained at Animal Acres, others went to our evacuation site – which though ready to take animals – still needed additional work. The past two days, volunteers have installed wire lines directly to the animal enclosures, constructed additional pen areas, and moved cleaning, health care, and feed supplies and equipment to the evacuation site -- as it now appears that the sanctuary animals will not be able to return until September 15, or later. It breaks our hearts to see the sanctuary empty, but we are very fortunate to still have a sanctuary.

Pigs getting a drink at the evacuation site

Because of the severity and expected length of the fire storm, we have found that we do need your help at this time. We were not expecting to have the animals at the evacuation center for so long, and because of the 100 plus degree temperatures here, we need to construct more shade shelters for the animals, and install automatic waters.
I would be deeply grateful for your support at this time. Donations for these additional evacuation center needs, as well as for the extra expenses we have incurred to relocate animals are now needed, and greatly appreciated. Please click here if you can help, and thank you. It is at times like this, that we are especially touched by your kindness and commitment to making Animal Acres possible.

Lorri Houston, President

P.S. I also wanted to give you an update on our Gala. We are working until the eleventh hour to try and find an affordable venue site for our Gala, and we will be making a decision this evening, based on information we obtain in the next couple hours. We will send you an email no later than Wednesday at noon to let you know if we are relocating or rescheduling the Gala. Thank you for your patience, and understanding.

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